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All items are from our Rooftop Apiary 


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Covert Honey Gallery

Here are some images of Swarm Catching (we have the best neighbors Ever) and bees and honey and all that comes with beekeeping.

Return your Jar for $

Save $14.5oz $28oz 

Off your next purchase by returning your jar!

This works GREAT for local pickups or people who catch us at the market.  Save $1 on a returned 4.5 oz jar or $2 on a returned 8 oz jar with your next purchase!  Please make sure to include clips and seal ring.  Otherwise keep your beautiful jar, great for shot glass, OJ, coin collecting

Covert Honey

Raw, Unfiltered, Rooftop Apiary

Honey Foraged in Brooklyn

Help the Pollinators!

Free pack of Seeds

A free pack of seeds will be included with every purchase!  It's a mystery what kind you get until you open it.  All Brooklyn New York native plants that are good in the ground or in a pot on your fire escape.  You never know, the bee on your plants may be collecting the nectar for the honey that you eat YUM!!

Thank you to THREE 0 STUDIO !!!

Thank you to THREE 0 STUDIO !!!

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